Japanese cast iron teapot - IWACHU KIKKO - 0.65 lt - black


Japanese cast iron teapot - IWACHU KIKKO - 0.65 lt - black

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Cast iron teapot made in Japan, enamelled on the inside and sold with a metal filter

Japanese manufacturer: IWACHU

Origin of the products: Morioka (Region: Tôhoku. Iwate prefecture)

It has a folding handle for easy storage. Cast iron retains heat longer than other materials without spreading to the handle. All tea lovers agree that a cast iron pot is the best material for preparing and brewing tea.

How to use your cast iron teapot?

1/ Before using it for the first time:
-Clean your teapot carefully with very hot water.
-Dry the inside and outside of the teapot with a dry cloth while it is still hot.
2/ when using :
-Never heat the teapot directly on the open flame. Do not use a microwave or hotplate, but heat the water in a separate pan.
3/ when cleaning:
-Do not use any detergents (only clear hot water), nor abrasive sponges (to avoid scratching the enamel)
-Avoid contact with salt or oil.
-Never cool the hot teapot suddenly.

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made in Japan
0.65 L
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